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Eligibility Requirements

Your organization is eligible to seek accreditation as a jointly accredited provider when all these conditions are present:

  • The structure and processes to plan and present education designed by and for the healthcare team are in place and fully functional for at least the past 18 months.
  • At least 25% of all educational activities delivered by the organization during the past 18 months are categorized as “interprofessional” and can demonstrate an integrated planning process that includes health care professionals from two or more professions who are reflective of the target audience the activity is designed to address.
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  • Your organization engages in the joint accreditation process and demonstrates compliance with the Joint Accreditation Criteria and is in good standing, if currently accredited by any of the collaborating accreditors.

Prior to submitting an Intent to Apply form, organizations should contact Joint Accreditation Staff ([email protected]) to discuss eligibility requirements and to understand the Joint Accreditation process.

Please note: If the applicant organization’s current accreditation is scheduled to expire while participating in the Joint Accreditation process before receiving a final decision, it is the responsibility of the applicant organization to contact the accrediting bodies in which the accreditation is set to expire to request an extension to ensure that there are no lapses.

For extension requests, please contact:


Contact the Joint Accreditation Team

Questions About Joint Accreditation?

Interested in learning more? Contact us or one of the Joint Accredited providers.

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