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Surveyor Application

Surveyor Guidelines

The role of the Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education volunteer surveyor is of critical importance to Joint Accreditation. Surveyors, through their interactions with accredited providers, help Joint Accreditation fulfill its mission and serve as a link between Joint Accreditation and the accredited providers. In conducting accreditation evaluation conference calls, surveyors help to ensure that Joint Accreditation has the information about a provider’s interprofessional CE program that is needed to support the accreditation review and decision-making processes.

By participating in this process, and through collaboration with staff, other volunteer surveyors, and accredited providers, surveyors enhance their personal and professional development and advance their understanding of the accreditation requirements. Eligibility to become and remain a volunteer surveyor is assessed using the following three criteria: 1) Independence from ineligible companies; 2) Active participation in interprofessional continuing education (IPCE); and 3) Adherence to the requirement that prohibits private consulting related to accreditation.

Please note: An individual who is employed by an ineligible company, as defined by Joint Accreditation (i.e., companies whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients) is not eligible to volunteer as an accreditation surveyor.

Surveyors provides initial and ongoing training, and professional development and support.


Review Process

In general, the review process involves:

  1. The Joint Accreditation survey team will consist of two surveyors plus a staff facilitator.
  2. Each survey team member will be responsible for reviewing the self-study documents and at least 4 of 9 total activity files submitted for review prior to the conference call with the applicant for Joint Accreditation.
  3. Each survey team member will document compliance with recordkeeping criteria for the activity files he/she reviews by providing typed commentary on the activity file review form.
  4. Survey team members will join the call using the Zoom technology platform.
  5. Survey team members will jointly conduct the conference call with the applicant for Joint Accreditation.
  6. Each survey team member will participate in the conference call and provide feedback for the survey team report.
  7. Feedback for the survey team report will be objective and based on evidence from the self-study, activity files and conference call.
  8. The final survey team report will be approved by each survey team member prior to being forwarded to the Joint Accreditation Review Committee (Joint ARC).
  9. The decision made by the Joint ARC will then be forwarded to the Board of Directors from each accrediting body (ACCME, ACPE and ANCC) for final approval.

Policy on Confidentiality

ACCME, ACPE and ANCC maintain confidentiality with regard to its final survey team reports and the subsequent accreditation action and recommendations. The Site Survey Team Reports are considered to be property of the Joint Accreditation provider, and no information is released to third parties without the approval of the provider. Information with respect to clarifications or interpretations of the Site Survey Team Report should be referred to ACPE for appropriate responses.


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