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What is Joint Accreditation

Simplify the accreditation process and deliver interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) programs by seeking joint accreditation.

A Simple Path Through a Complex System

Accreditation ensures the rigor of your continuing education programs — but seeking multiple accreditations adds layers and layers of complexity. And all that complexity takes additional time, resources, and experience to unravel.

That’s why our three founding accreditation organizations — ANCC, ACPE, and ACCME — joined together to offer one path to joint accreditation for all of your interprofessional continuing education programs for health professionals.

Learn about the Accreditation Process

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Streamline IPCE Accreditation with Joint Accreditation

Joint accreditation lets you gain the benefits of increased efficiency and program quality while reducing excess headaches for you and your team.

Save Time & Cost

Instead of managing multiple accreditation cycles and criteria sets, joint accreditation lets you align and earn multiple IPCE accreditations simultaneously.

Maximize Resources

With less operational complexity comes more time for what matters and an enhanced focus on the efficacy of your IPCE programs.

Enhance Programs

The interprofessional element of joint accreditation drives your organization towards CE programs proven to be more effective.

Expand Offerings

Joint accreditation lets you award IPCE credits to a growing number of health professionals and grow your institution.

Demonstrate Your Organization’s Leadership and Distinction

Organizations that practice IPCE have a 25% higher retention.

Promote collaboration, teamwork, and interprofessional continuing education for all of your health professionals.

Joint accreditation helps you save time — and it also promotes interprofessional CE, which is tied to better outcomes for you, your programs, and your patients.

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Seek Joint Accreditation for Your CE Activities

Want to learn more about the Joint Accreditation process, requirements, and criteria? Check out our comprehensive guide to Joint Accreditation.

Accreditation Process

Start Preparing to Apply for Joint Accreditation

If you already deliver interprofessional continuing education, you’re on the way there.

  • 18 Months Planning and Presenting Education By and For the Team
  • 25% of Your Educational Activities Designed by and For Healthcare Teams
  • 12 Criteria to Meet with IPCE
  • 100% Engaged in Joint Accreditation Process and in Good Standing

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About Joint Accreditation

The First and Only Program in the World Offering Joint Accreditation

Cofounded by 2009 by ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC.

We established the standards for interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) planned by the healthcare team, for the healthcare team.

The first organizations were granted Joint Accreditation in 2010. This collaboration offers organizations the opportunity to be simultaneously accredited to design and deliver IPCE for multiple professions through a single, unified application process, fee structure, and set of accreditation standards.

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Useful Resources

Explore Resources and Reports for IPCE Leaders

With decades of experience in the accreditation of continuing medical education, Joint Accreditation offers reports and analyses on all aspects of IPCE.

Questions About Joint Accreditation?

Interested in learning more? Contact us or one of the Joint Accredited providers.

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