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Reaccreditation Process

Learn about Reaccreditation eligibility, Intent to Reapply, and Fees.

How It Works

Review the Reaccreditation Process

Twelve (12) months prior to expiration of your accreditation term, you’ll submit the Intent to Re-Apply with a reaccreditation fee, followed by submission of an activity list, self-study, activity files, and participate in an accreditation review conference call.

Surpass the Core 12 Criteria to Earn Joint Accreditation with Commendation

Expand the reach and impact in your interprofessional continuing education and general CE environment by complying with a flexible set of advanced standards.

Learn more about Commendation

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You Don’t Need a Consultant

We’re pleased to provide guidance to applicants at no additional charge. We do not require the use of accreditation consultants, nor do we endorse any particular consultants.

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Featured Resource

Seek Joint Accreditation for Your CE Activities

Want to learn more about the Joint Accreditation process, requirements, and criteria? Check out our comprehensive guide to Joint Accreditation.