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Become a Jointly Accredited Provider with Commendation

Joint Accreditation offers accredited organizations the option of demonstrating compliance with a menu of criteria that go beyond the core criteria.

These optional criteria seek to provide additional incentive as well as encouragement to providers to expand their reach and impact in the IPCE/CE environment.

JA Commendation Mark
commendation wheel

Criteria Wheel for Joint Accreditation Commendation

A graphic representation of the categories and criteria that are part of the Menu of Criteria for Joint Accreditation with Commendation. Read below for the full criteria for Commendation.

Download the Commendation Wheel (PDF)

Some Definitions within the Criteria

Menu Structure

Joint Accreditation uses a menu structure for organizations seeking commendation in order to create flexibility, reflect the diversity of the IPCE community, and offer a pathway for all provider types to achieve commendation. To achieve commendation, providers need to demonstrate compliance with JAC 1–12 and any seven of the 13 commendation criteria.

Critical Elements and Standards for Compliance

Critical elements and standards have been defined to be explicit about what demonstrates compliance with each of the commendation criteria. For those commendation criteria that are activity-based (where compliance is demonstrated through the planning, implementation, or evaluation of activities), providers will be expected to demonstrate compliance with at least 10% of their activities, including demonstration in some IPCE activities. For those commendation criteria that are organizational or project-based, the specific amount or number of projects required to demonstrate compliance has been defined in the critical elements and standards.


Organizations are eligible to seek Joint Accreditation with Commendation if they are currently jointly accredited or they are seeking initial joint accreditation and have been previously accredited by at least one of the following: ACCME, ACPE, or ANCC.


The opportunity to seek and achieve Joint Accreditation with Commendation is optional, and none of the commendation criteria are required.

Accreditation Term

Providers that successfully achieve Joint Accreditation with Commendation will be awarded a six-year accreditation term. The six-year term will only be available to providers that achieve Commendation; providers that demonstrate compliance with JAC 1–12, but do not demonstrate compliance with the commendation criteria, will receive a four-year term.

The Criteria for Commendation

JAC 13

The provider engages patients as planners and teachers in accredited IPCE and/or CE.

JAC 14

The provider engages students of the health professions as planners and teachers in accredited IPCE and/or CE.

JAC 15

The provider supports the continuous professional development of its own education team.

JAC 16

The provider engages in research and scholarship related to accredited IPCE and/or CE and disseminates findings through presentation or publication.

JAC 17

The provider integrates the use of health and/or practice data in the planning and presentation of accredited IPCE and/or CE.

JAC 18

The provider identifies and addresses factors beyond clinical care (e.g., social determinants) that affect the health of patients and integrates those factors into accredited IPCE and/or CE.

JAC 19

The provider collaborates with other organizations to address population health issues.

JAC 20

The provider designs accredited IPCE and/or CE (that includes direct observation and formative feedback) to optimize communication skills of learners.

JAC 21

The provider designs accredited IPCE and/or CE (that includes direct observation and formative feedback) to optimize technical and procedural skills of learners.

JAC 22

The provider creates and facilitates the implementation of individualized learning plans.

JAC 23

The provider demonstrates improvement in the performance of healthcare teams as a result of its overall IPCE program.

JAC 24

The provider demonstrates healthcare quality improvement achieved through the involvement of its overall IPCE program.

JAC 25

The provider demonstrates the positive impact of its overall IPCE program on patients or their communities.

Have Questions About Commendation Criteria?

Take a look at the Commendation Guide, which gives the rational and critical elements of commendation.

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