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Joint Accreditation Criteria

An organization’s status and term as an accredited provider of continuing education (CE) for the healthcare team is based on demonstrated compliance with the following criteria and any current Joint Accreditation administrative policies. 

Mission and Overall Program Improvement

The following criteria outline the expectation that the accredited provider has a roadmap (CE mission) to guide it in its provision of education, that it periodically assesses how well it is meeting that CE mission, and that it identifies changes or improvements that will allow it to better meet its CE mission.


The provider has a continuing education (CE) mission statement that highlights education for the healthcare team with expected results articulated in terms of changes in skills/strategy, or performance of the healthcare team, and/or patient outcomes.


The provider gathers data or information and conducts a program-based analysis on the degree to which its CE mission—as it relates to changes in skills/strategy, or performance of the healthcare team, and/or patient outcomes—has been met through the conduct of CE activities/educational interventions.


The provider identifies, plans and implements the needed or desired changes in the overall program (e.g., planners, teachers, infrastructure, methods, resources, facilities, interventions) that are required to improve its ability to meet the CE mission.

Activity Planning and Evaluation

The following criteria outline the expectations for interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) activities. If the activity is planned for a single profession or multiple professions, but not IPCE, then the criteria would be fulfilled by considering the single profession or target audience. Example: If the activity is designed for nurses only, then the provider would incorporate the educational needs that underlie the practice gaps of nurses.


The provider incorporates into IPCE activities the educational needs (knowledge, skills/strategy, or performance) that underlie the practice gaps of the healthcare team and/or the individual members’ knowledge, skills/strategy, or performance as members of the healthcare team.


The provider generates activities/educational interventions that are designed to change the skills/strategy, or performance of the healthcare team, and/or patient outcomes as described in its mission statement.


The provider utilizes an integrated planning process that includes health care professionals who are reflective of the target audience the activity is designed to address.


The provider designs education that promotes active learning – so that teams learn from, with, and about each other – consistent with the desired results of the activity.


The provider develops activities/educational interventions in the context of desirable attributes of the healthcare team (e.g., Institute of Medicine competencies, professional competencies, healthcare team competencies: values/ethics, roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, teams and teamwork).


The provider utilizes support strategies to sustain change as an adjunct to its educational interventions (e.g., reminders, patient feedback).

JAC 10

The provider implements strategies to remove, overcome, or address barriers to change in the skills/strategy or performance of the healthcare team.

JAC 11

The provider analyzes changes in the healthcare team (skills/strategy, performance) and/or patient outcomes achieved as a result of its IPCE activities/educational interventions.

Integrity and Independence

The following criterion outlines the expectations for ensuring that accredited continuing education serves the needs of patients and the public; presents learners with only accurate, balanced, scientifically justified recommendations; assures learners they can trust accredited continuing education to help them deliver, safe, effective, cost-effective, and compassionate care that is based on best practice and evidence; and creates a clear, unbridgeable separation between accredited continuing education and marketing and sales.

JAC 12

The provider develops activities/interventions that comply with the Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education, which includes the responsibility to:

a. Ensure content is valid.
b. Prevent commercial bias and marketing in accredited continuing education.
c. Identify, mitigate, and disclose relevant financial relationships.
d. Manage commercial support appropriately (if applicable).
e. Manage ancillary activities offered in conjunction with accredited continuing education (if applicable).