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Annual Reporting in JA-PARS

Annual Reporting Information and Resources

Joint Accreditation uses the information collected in JA-PARS to support reviews that are part of the process for reaccreditation and progress report reviews. In addition, Joint Accreditation uses data from JA-PARS to produce reports as a service to jointly accredited providers and other stakeholders.

What do I have to report by April 1, 2024?
To fulfill your annual reporting requirement, there are five steps to complete by April 1, 2024:
  1. Accept the terms for the Joint Accreditation annual agreement, located on the dashboard in JA-PARS under the “Agreement” page. Each year, all jointly accredited providers are asked to accept the annual agreement regarding data submission and compliance with Joint Accreditation policies and procedures.
  2. Enter all activities that started in 2023, and close all of them that also ended in 2023.
  3.  If you provide enduring material activities, update the total learner counts as of December 31, 2023. Enduring materials should remain open until the end date, which may be up to three years from the start date.
  4. Complete and submit your program summary, located on the dashboard in JA-PARS.
  5. Review and update your contact information. You can do this by clicking “Back to Accreditation Management” in the top right section of the JA-PARS dashboard.

Questions? We’re happy to help. Please contact  [email protected].