We are pleased to release the Joint Accreditation Data Report: Embracing Innovation in Accredited Continuing Education for Healthcare Teams – 2020, which includes data from a community of 113 jointly accredited organizations that offer healthcare professionals and teams an array of continuing education resources to promote high-quality, safe, and effective care for patients. 

Key Takeaways – A Resilient Community Delivering Education by the Team, for the Team    

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges—the interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) community tackled these challenges head on by nimbly redesigning learning environments to deliver critically needed education and support to healthcare professionals and teams. Even with economic losses, providers offered more activities than in 2019 and substantially increased engagement by healthcare professional learners. The ability to be so responsive reflects the resilience and innovative spirit of the IPCE community.   

  • The 2020 report includes data from 113 jointly accredited providers, an increase of almost 30% from 2019, when 87 providers reported data. 
  • About three-quarters of providers offered education addressing topics related to COVID-19, comprising more than 1.8 million learner interactions. 
  • Since 2019, the number of learner interactions increased by 54%. The number of educational activities increased by 4% from 2019, while the hours of instruction decreased by 2%.   

We thank the jointly accredited providers who submitted their data into JA-PARS—during a pandemic—making this report possible and creating the opportunity to present a comprehensive picture of IPCE. 

“As we reflect on a painful year, we hope you can pause and appreciate your ability to adapt and innovate, and that you know you have our full support. Together, we learned that the tenets of interprofessional collaborative practice — such as mutual respect and trust — are never more important than during a crisis. We look forward to continuing to work together to provide education for the team, by the team that addresses ongoing challenges.” –Joint Accreditation Leadership Team  

Joint Accreditation Data Report and Supplementary Resources