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JA-PARS Modifications Enable Reporting of Activities for Dietitians and Dietitian Technicians, Registered

January 29, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have modified the Joint Accreditation Program and Activity Reporting System (JA-PARS) in support of our collaboration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration. These changes allow jointly accredited providers to:

  • Indicate reporting year 2021 activities with a target audience of registered dietitians or dietetic technicians, registered
  • Indicate the credits/contact hours offered to these professions
  • Report participation numbers for registered dietitians or dietetic technicians, registered
  • Download updated reports that include these new fields

Updated versions of the tab-delimited and XML activity submission templates are available here. These updated templates should be used for reporting year 2021 and beyond.

Please note: When completing 2020 year-end reporting, due by March 31, 2021, you may still find the applicable instructions, templates, and FAQ in the Educational Resources section of About JA-PARS.

Questions? We are happy to help. Please contact [email protected].