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Reaccreditation for Jointly Accredited Providers

An organization that is already a jointly accredited provider may be awarded at term of up to four years if the provider is determined to be in compliance with all joint accreditation core criteria. If the provider is in noncompliance with one or more core criteria, and is awarded Joint Accreditation, the provider may receive an accreditation term of up to four years with a progress report due at a specified time.

Jointly accredited providers applying for requiring reaccreditation will begin the process with submission of an Intent to Reaccredit approximately 12 months prior to the provider’s expired term.

The review process includes:

  • Submit the Intent for Reaccreditation.
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  • Engagement by the provider in a self-study to reflect on its program of continuing education.
  • Submission of a self-study report in which the provider describes its practices and verifies these practices using examples.
  • A conference call conducted by a 4-person team of volunteer surveyors
  • Review of activity documentation in activity files.
  • Review of materials to a Joint Accreditation Review Committee (Joint ARC) comprised equally by representatives from the Joint Accreditation agencies.
  • Recommendation of the Joint ARC to the governing boards of ACCME, ACPE and ANCC.

Contact the Joint Accreditation with any questions or concerns.

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