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Benefits of Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE)

Find out why 54% more organizations applied for IPCE joint accreditation since 2019.

Create an Interprofessional Collaborative Practice that Impacts Everyone

Continuing education. For the team, by the team.

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Education Providers

Position your program as a strategic partner in healthcare improvement initiatives and advance healthcare education quality and integrity as a leader in team-based, interprofessional education (IPE) and care.


Demonstrate your institution’s clear commitment to team-based continuing education while strengthening your programs, gaining economies of scale, and contributing to scalable health care improvement initiatives.

Health Workers

Earn continuing education credits, maintain your licensures and certifications, and enhance your knowledge in an accredited team-based and dynamic interprofessional continuing education program.


Seek care at institutions that put a focus on collaboration — both in continuing education and clinical practice. When teams learn with and from one another, the outcomes of your care improve.

Health Systems

Build more equitable and integrated healthcare systems that prioritize the outcomes of patients and shared knowledge. IPCE provides a lens through which practitioners, institutions, and systems improve outcomes and models.

When we learn together, we do better — for ourselves and those for whom we care.

IPCE Directly Impacts Healthcare Outcomes

Collaborate. Cooperate. Care.

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higher retention at organizations that practice IPCE


fewer medical incidents with IPCE programs in place

Join 150+ Organizations in Delivering Quality IPCE

Explore our comprehensive provider directory of institutions jointly accredited to deliver interprofessional continuing education to health workers in ten different professions.

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Collaborative Care, the Big Benefit of Interprofessional Continuing Education

At its core, interprofessional continuing education creates a more collaborative, team-based approach to continuing education and, in turn, clinical practice.

Working together, health workers deliver more effective treatments, build mutually respectful workplaces, and collaborate to care — for each other and for patients.

Featured Resource

Seek Joint Accreditation for Your CE Activities

Want to learn more about the Joint Accreditation process, requirements, and criteria? Check out our comprehensive guide to Joint Accreditation.

Operational Benefits

Design a More Efficient System for Continuing Education Accreditation

Joint Accreditation delivers a number of interprofessional continuing education benefits beyond the classroom for your organization.

Simplify the accreditation process for yourself while enhancing the range of offerings you provide and the collaborative quality of those activities.

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Useful Resources

Explore Resources and Reports for IPCE Leaders

With decades of experience in the accreditation of continuing medical education, Joint Accreditation offers reports and analyses on all aspects of IPCE.

Questions About Joint Accreditation?

Interested in learning more? Contact us or one of the Joint Accredited providers.

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